Welcome to SMP Model High School

Conscious of the fact that life has never been so diverse, today’s education needs to nurture the students to evolve independently, encourage them to have an international outlook and instil a healthy spirit of competition in order that they learn and understand the responsibility that success brings with it. SMP Model High School is providing students with a leading edge in the journey of life…so that they acquire the wings of knowledge to soar higher into the infinite skies of opportunities on their own as they prepare to leave our portal.


Chairman's Message

13 years may seem long for most people. But for us they have passed by in a wink. SMP Model High School was established in the year 2002.

SMP Model High School Facilities

  • Computer Lab

    SMP Model School has Computer Lab

  • Library

    SMP Model High School Campuse is furnished with library with a collection of Subject text-books

  • Personality enhancement

    Through a range of initiatives, SMP augments the personal capabilities of students so that they can flourish as confident adults in the future

  • Sciencs Lab

    Students gain practical experience through demonstrations and experiments



The evaluation of an educational institution can be easily done through the performance of its students.

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Every child has the chance and facilities to hone the skills in participating in activities

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The facilities at SMP Model High School are aimed at providing a congenial atmosphere for the development of students

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